Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another "Minuteman" in Afghanistan

When Michael Moore calls the Taliban and al Quida fighters "Minute Men", these monsters are the kind of people he's glorifying...

Report: Taliban tried to use boy, 6, as suicide bomber in Afghanistan

FORWARD OPERATING BASE THUNDER, Afghanistan (AP) – The story of a 6-year-old Afghan boy who says he thwarted an effort by Taliban militants to trick him into being a suicide bomber provoked tears and anger at a meeting of tribal leaders.
The account from Juma Gul, a dirt-caked child who collects scrap metal for money, left American soldiers dumbfounded that a youngster could be sent on such a mission. Afghan troops crowded around the boy to call him a hero.
Though the Taliban dismissed the story as propaganda, at a time when U.S. and NATO forces are under increasing criticism over civilian casualties, both Afghan tribal elders and U.S. military officers said they were convinced by his dramatic account.
Juma said that sometime last month Taliban fighters forced him to wear a vest they said would spray out flowers when he touched a button. He said they told him that when he saw American soldiers, “throw your body at them.”
While Juma’s story could not be independently verified, local government leaders backed his account and the U.S. and NATO military missions said they believed his story.

Everytime the left glorifies the Talban or Al Quida in Iraq, think of this. These are monsters who strap children with bombs, because the soldiers are inclined to trust the kids. The left either tries to glorify or (at the least) downplay their monstrosities. These are animals, and with stories like shows our enemies for what they truly are.

And the people who defend them.

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