Friday, July 27, 2007

CAIR Shows it's Fangs

H/T SayAnything:

Ibraham Hooper's nonsense is so bad that even Tucker Carlson has to call him on it. When Carlson won't give him his free pass on the ludicrous claim that CAIR should be able to drag anyone into court for reporting suspicious behavior, because that's "racial profiling" or they have "impure motives", CAIR's head goes off on an insane KKK tirade. Comparing people legitimately in fear of their flying companions' behavior to a violent racist may make leftist fools nod in agreement, but it does naught but alienate rational people.

Tucker hits it right on the head when he claims this is to try and silence those who would speak up against any Muslim. But the comparison has some validity even if he gets it backwards. This is much like David Duke walking onto a plane and making remarks about killing black people, then getting angry when some black guy reports him to the flight attendant.
Unfortunately, if the imams are indeed innocent of the charges against them (doubtful in and of itself), they hurt their case by running to CAIR, and suing the people who they claim erroneously ousted them. If Islam is so misunderstood...why not use this as an example to inform people, instead of file frivilous lawsuits?

It's hard to believe that this was anything other than ANOTHER opportunity to drum up a fake controversy, and intimidate potential opponents. It's all CAIR ever does. From the idiocy that 24 would cause Muslim violence, to the lawsuits against Anti-CAIR, the group does little more than strong arm critics into submission. That the flying imams ran first to CAIR...that tells us exactly what happened on that flight. And it tells us just what the purpose of this whole charade was.

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