Friday, July 27, 2007

A Patriotism Foul!

Clinton cries foul!

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that a top Pentagon official did not intend to impugn her patriotism by suggesting her questions about U.S. planning in Iraq boosts enemy propaganda.
At the same time, Gates defended his aide and the author of the letter, Undersecretary for Policy Eric Edelman, calling him "a valued member" who provides "wise counsel and years of experience (that) are critically important to the many pressing policy issues facing the military."

Of course, the staffer never questioned her patriotism. And even if he had, her patriotism, or lack thereof, is irrelevant. Anytime a liberal (and sometimes an anti-war conservative) is confronted with the very real fact that al Quida is listening in to our debates, and is hoping that lack of unity will lead to our retreat, they hoop and hollar about their patriotism being called into question. The idea that Bush supporters use patriotism attacks is an invention of the left to reframe the debate away from the actual impact of their ideas. Since we don't live in a vacuum, the actual consequences of our actions must be examined.
It's a shame Gates backed away and apologized for a slight that never occured. If Senator Clinton doesn't wish to have her words scrunitized, or her ideas subjected to a harsh dose of reality, perhaps she should remain silent. Otherwise, she's fair game for ridicule if her ideas are terrible.

The right has a massive problem of backing down whenever some buffoon cries about hurt feelings. "My patriotic nerve got hurt!" Tough, that's life.

The clear cut truth of the matter is this: everyone who pushes for a withdrawl, is pushing for another American loss on the battlefield, to a bunch of cave dwelling savages. If you don't mind this, that's fine, push for withdrawl. But don't cry foul when someone brings up that a loss for us means a win for al Quida. That's simple reality folks.
And if you are arguing that we should turn over control of Iraq (and leave our Iraqi allies) to the very savages who have been raping and murdering the Iraqis for 4 years now...don't get upset when someone questions your humanity.

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