Friday, July 20, 2007

Who Needs Reading and Writing?

Schools in Australia give up on trying to provide relevant education at all, and instead is offering classes in prostitution.

H/T Moonbattery

Funding for tertiary courses in prostitution could be considered under changes aimed at boosting quality and relevance in the sector, education officials say.
But MPs on Parliament's education and science select committee were told today that although courses in the world's oldest profession might be considered if providers put them forward, they would still have to meet tight criteria to get funding.

Ignoring the jokes I could easily make about tight criteria, c'mon. Wasting money on teaching kids prostitution? This is a continued leftist theme: waste tax payer money on sexing up the kids (or a side effect, wasting tax payer money on putting hookers through "quality testing").

Tertiary Education Minister Michael Cullen has said the changes are aimed at increasing the "quality and relevance" of courses.
However they have raised questions regarding the TEC's actual control over individual courses.

Forget how much control the TEC has, the question should be "can they rationally make choices?" Seriously, how relevant can a class on selling your body for money possibly be? I think quite a few people may get upset by their tax dollars getting spent on subsidizing girls having sex with strangers, and on "professors" fulfilling their voyuerism by watching (how else would "quality" be determined).
I can almost accept the argument that the government has no continued interest in keeping prostitution illegal. But neither does it have any interest in state funding of hopeful future hookers.

National Party education spokeswoman Katherine Rich said she was concerned by the TEC's apparent "agnostic" attitude towards the content of courses under the new system.
She questioned whether it might lead to a continuing proliferation of courses such as twilight golf seen under the old system.

The purpose of colleges are to provide students with accurate and RELEVANT information that will help them succeed in life, and make them more productive members of society. Not only is no training actually needed to have sex for money, but the classes have no relevancy. Liberals seem to have a ridiculous fascination with forcing sex down people's throats (yes, the pun's intended), and tossing the bill to the general public.

In short, your sexual proclivities are no longer private when you decide to exercize them in the lobby of your office. You cannot reasonably expect no one to comment when you're pulling out pictures of what "you did in the bedroom last night". Your "private business" is no longer private when you air it out in the public square.

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