Thursday, July 19, 2007

You Know You're Full of Crap

When even your own allies aren't backing you up...

It's bad enough for Michael Moore that CNN, MTV, and even various liberal rags are ripping his new movie to pieces. Now AP jumps on the bandwagon:

SiCKO patients got VIP treatment in Cuba

HAVANA (Reuters) - Three New York rescue workers injured in the September 11 attacks got the best treatment Cuba can offer in Michael Moore's film critique of U.S. health care, the Cuban doctors who attended them said this week.
The 9/11 responders spent 10 days on the 19th floor of Cuba's flagship hospital with a view of the Caribbean sea, a sharp contrast to many Cuban hospitals that are crumbling, badly lit, and which lack equipment and medicines.
The movie, "SiCKo," has stirred heated debate in the United States since opening in June.
Moore used Cuba to argue that other countries are providing better health care to its citizens than the United States with far fewer resources, putting the blame on profit-driven U.S. pharmaceutical and medical insurance industries.
But the hospital where SiCKO's patients were treated is an exception in Cuba, where patients of many other hospitals complain they have to take their own sheets and food.

Despite the fact that most of the people cannibalizing Moore agree with his basic premise that America needs socialized health care, his work is just too ridiculous and shoddy for them to swallow. The man is that laughable as a "documentary director". He can't even sell snake oil to people who are in the market for snake oil.

Even the intellectually bankrupt have problems with the idea that Cuba is a superior system (in any way) to our own. The rest of us realize that whether it be Cuba, Canada or our very own VA, socialized health care is a dismal failure.

But when confronted with criticism, Moore just points to his earlier work. "It was criticized too." Yes, Michael. It was. For the same exact reasons:
It was sloppy, lazy, filled with innuendo, light on facts, and little more than party line. And it was fiction wrapped up in the guise of fact.

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