Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Islamic Moderates

This is from a week or so ago, Robert Spencer, the famous "Islamophobic hate monger", who wrote the Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and The Truth About Muhammad, is on the Laura Ingraham show debating the leader of the moderate Muslim American Society, Esam Omeish.

Link to the audio clip.

So, that Spencer is a hateful bigot..well, of course. But as dear Esam speaks, one more thing becomes clear about Spencer.
He's 100% right.

During the course of the interview Emar admits the following things:
1. The Muslim American Society has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.
2. Emar Omeish and the MAS are working to "educate" Americans about Shari'a law, and are trying to get us to impliment it on ourselves.
3. Emar's female family members wear the habib, and he sees no way for a woman to respect herself while being "uncovered".
4. He has no problem with lying about Shari'a and ridiculously claims that Shari'a law "respects women", despite the fact that, without a single exception, in every country that Shari'a is law...women suffer honor killings, female genetal mutilation and are less than 1/2 a man legally.
5. And Most significantly, he sees no problem with being associated with groups with terrorist ties and FREELY admits, seemingly with pride, that all Muslim groups that matter have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, or other such groups.

This is a "moderate". Seemingly, the only distinction from the militants is that they wish to slowly introduce this and subvert us while we are unawares until we submit willingly, while the militants wish to kill us til we surrender.

Same goal. Different means.

No wonder people call Spencer a racist. If they had to debate him on the merits...people would start demanding deportations of Muslims en masse.

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