Monday, April 7, 2008

ABC Twofer: Slander the Troops and Support the Dems!

ABC News played a story about who the troops supported this afternoon. Overwhelmingly, those soldiers interviewed supported Barack Obama, with a handful of Clinton supporters. One sole McCain supporter was shown, with the lackluster "Well, the war has paid my bills so far...why not more?" as his answer to why he supported McCain. This is the average makeup of the US military?

Is this why, by CNN's report (hardly a conservative bastion) voted that military personelle voted nearly 3-2 for Bush over Kerry? 57%-41% a 16% lead? NPR reports that it could swing either way in 2008. IF (and even most liberals admit this is a huge if) the Democrats garner the military vote, it will be by the barest of percentages, and will be more dependant on veterans than active military. The military vote has traditionally always gone Republican. And there's no shortage of soldiers who are not fond of Democrats, as evidenced by pictures like this.

So then, what are we to make of this nonsense report except that ABC is trying to paint a picture devoid of reality? And what of the lone soldier for McCain who sees war as a pay check? That's the average Republican soldier? What a vicious slander. Once more the liberal media tries to pretend the military is overwhelmingly Democrat (who just want out of Iraq), while a few knuckle dragging war lovers on the Republican side cheer on the carnage.

But accusing Republicans of liking war or being warmongers is nothing new amongst leftists. Why should we expect anything different around election time?

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