Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vote on Gay Marriage Continues!

As well it should...

From Yahoo:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California voters will have the chance to vote in November on whether to end gay marriage after the state's top court declined on Wednesday to remove an initiative on the issue from the ballot.
California, the nation's most populous state, started marrying same-sex couples a month ago after the California Supreme Court ruled that limiting marriage to a man and a woman violated the state's constitution.
Opponents of gay marriage then placed an initiative to amend the constitution on the November ballot. "Proposition 8" declares that marriage will be limited to one man with one woman.

The court overturned the will of the people, on an issue not of human rights, but of simple acceptance. And in doing so, has ridiculously ignored the marriage laws of its neighboring states in issuing out of state marriage licenses (something even Massachusetts didn't have the hubris to do).

A lot of attention will be paid to those couples who's marriages are either now null and void...or up in the air after this amendment passes (which it will by an even greater margin than last time). While not unfair, this will ignore the basic truth that these couples are in this position because the homosexual lobby and the courts blatantly flouted the law in this ridiculous ruling. None of this is the fault of extatic (but non-thinking) homosexual couples who took advantage of the law...but they'll be left to face the consequences. Blame for the plight of these people should be laid at the feet of the far left. If it's unfair...blame those who caused this mess, not those who seek to return things to their rightful state.

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