Thursday, July 17, 2008

The World Court...

Needs to get a dose of reality.

They just won’t stop meddling with our sovereignty. The weenies on the World Court are leaning on their friend President Bush to stop the execution of five illegal alien Death Row inmates. You’ll recall that in March, our Supreme Court sided with the state of Texas in upholding US sovereignty and rejecting the World Court/Bush view that individual US states should submit to international law and overturn the will of the people on the death penalty.

What part of “No” don’t they understand?

There is no reason for us to listen to the "world court" which onlu has the power we give to it. In that they're seeking to undermine our law and release violent criminals, we should ignore them as we ignore the other petty annoyances linked to the UN, which always side with lawlessness over law, and dictators over free men.

Our response should simple be "Thanks we'll take youre stupidity under advisement...but we have no reason to actually follow your advice.
Shove off.

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