Thursday, July 19, 2007

Congress Deserves it's Numbers

Bush is ridiculously having to beg Congress to let military leaders make military decisions in Iraq?

So after demanding that Bush change strategy in Iraq, and he does, the asshats in Congress demand retreat, because Bush followed their original advice. Despite the fact that the surge is working and the majority of soldiers are happy with the idea of actually tracking down the enemy, buffoons like Harry Reid comment that the opinions of the generals on the ground are irrelevant. "If they tell me we are making progress, I won't believe them."

And in this vein, Congress spent all night debating a withdrawl. Ignoring that this is a blatant usurping of war powers, now that they can't get the withdrawl passed, the Dems are now refusing to pass a funding bill...breaking that famous promise that they'd keep our troops funded and continue to work in their best interests.

Bush needs to tell this group of clowns that if they somehow manage to pass a withdrawl bill, that he'll just ignore it as Congress is not Constitutionally allowed to pass such a bill.

Listening to the Democrats yammer endlessly about the lack of Progress in Iraq is especially ridiculous with the news that we captured a top Iraqi al Quida operative today.
Other spectacular "failures":
Rockets Nutralized
Insurgent Commander Killed
Caches Turned Over
Iraqis Lead Soldiers to Caches
Safe Haven Destroyed, Bad Guys Detained

The list goes on...

But it's clear to see. The war is not the failure the liberals wish it to be.

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