Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Pro-Choice Miracle

Authorities charge MO. woman for setting baby on fire

(KMOV/AP) - Authorities accuse a Missouri woman of setting her baby on fire. She is now facing four felony charges.
The incident happened July 11 in Iberia, Missouri.
The Miller County Prosecutor says Christina L. White, 24 intentionally tried to kill her six-month-old son when she set fire to his blanket as he lay in his crib.
Police responded to a house fire and saw White standing in the middle of the street holding a badly burned infant, wrapped in a blanket.
White is now facing a charge of first degree arson and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.
Investigators say White confessed to her sister that she committed the crime. The probable cause statement says she lit the blanket with a lighter and left the room, wanting her son to die because she was under stress.

She was stressed, which is, one of the major reasons women cite for abortions. As society gets more and more permissive of women killing their children for the simple reason of getting tired of them, this will become more and more common. She did little more than try to commit a 5th term abortion.

I use cases like this to test my pro-abortion friends. The question is always the same: "Why is this wrong?"

How can you justify abortion and not see this as the rights of the mother? The infant is completely dependant on the mother for survival, and is nothing but a drain on her...emotionally, financially, physically. There's no conscious thought, no memory worth mentioning. It can't communicate, and has no higher reasoning abilities. So why is it wrong?

This always, without exception, pisses off those who are ambivilant on abortion or are strongly for it. It pisses them off because it's The. Only. Logical. Extension. Of. Their. Position.

And make no mistake, it's not just nutjobs like Peter Sanger who are arguing in an obscure corner that babies aren't human, it's slowly...and disturbingly becoming policy.
From Roe vs Wade to Doe vs Bolton (now claimed by the "Doe" to be a fabrication of her lawyer), and beyond...the Supreme Court has done their part.
Through the joys of Partial Birth Abortion
Increasing world wide use of euthanasia for sick and defective children.
And the tripe of excusing murder on the grounds of depression....

It's not pleasant, but it's time the pro-abortion crowd are shown what their actions have wrought. Until we stop excusing women murdering their children because they're inconvenient, as the song goes..."The best is yet to come"...

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