Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Death Row Inmate Needs Parole to Avoid Death

Nope Not Kidding

The Missouri Parole Board is considering a rare request for a medical parole for a death row inmate, Brian Kinder, who says he is in grave condition with throat cancer.

Short version: Who cares?

Waste of breath who did some heinous crime is now suffering an awfully painful ailment. Know what that sounds like to me?
God agreeing with the sentence!

Rush this douchebag to the chair STAT!

Oh, how hasty of me...I don't even know what the chump has done yet...

Cynthia Williams, 32, a distant cousin of Kinder's, was a mother of three and a clerk for the St. Louis County recorder of deeds when she was raped and beaten to death with a metal pipe in her home three days before Christmas in 1990.

So he raped someone and beat her to death with a pipe. The fact that he was cold blooded enough to do it to FAMILY, also hurts his case in my eyes. It's bad enough to do that to a stranger...but your own blood?

This guy is a monster who violated and abused his own cousin, before murdering her in as inhumane a way as possible.

I have little sympathy now for his suffering.

The daughter of the victim says it so well:

"My mom didn't have a choice for medial care," she said. "There was no one to see after her when he raped and beat her."
"When you're on death row, you are supposed to be in jail until you die," she said, "not inside a nursing facility where there is no security and he could harm someone else."

I am against criminal scum wasting valuable doctor time. If the state MUST spend money on someone getting life saving health care, I'd prefer it be innocent children over cousin-murdering sociopaths.
This should fast track his ass to the chair, not defer him from it.

You've got to wonder about a state that says "Well, hell, we can't kill this guy...HE'S SICK!"

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