Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Depths of Liberal Apologists...

On Behalf of Michael Vick:

Aside from Michael Vick's magic on the football field, I differ from the superstar in that I'm not a dog lover, yes a dog lover, and I don't truck with gamblers.
Unlike Vick, who bonds with dogs, my charity is spent not on Canis lupus familiaris but on troubled citizens whose rights are trampled by the mob entangled with the powerful. Unfortunately, this brings us back to Vick.
Dog matches, like cock-fighting, differ from boxing, and the death bouts of the original gladiators, in that they involve animals. Also, this rendering of dog flesh yields no taxes and thus is not sanctioned. As soon as it does, dog-fighting, just as boxing, liquor, cigarettes and the numbers rackets, will be legalized and run live on pay-per-view TV along with human "cage rage" fighting.

What a load of crap! Putting down a lame horse is an act of mercy. Killing a peaceful bull is, at least, done humanely. Vick is hardly an "animalitarian". There is nothing humane about electrocuting a dog, or beating it to death with a hammer. Or drowning it. Hell, we don't even execute criminals in those ways. Vick brutally killed these dogs after training them to be vicious and tear each other apart. But as the author admits, he doesn't like dogs, so none of this matters to him.

Vick is a dog lover like Andrea Yates was a good mother, Mike Tyson was a patient boyfriend, or Louis Farrakhan was a lower of Jews.

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