Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Real Hate Crime

9 Teens Beat Woman on Bus

As Sarah Kreager, 26, tried to sit down on a Baltimore City bus Tuesday, police say, a middle-schooler told her she couldn’t. When she attempted to take another seat, a middle-schooler wouldn’t let her. Finally, according to police, Kreager just sat down.
She was “immediately attacked” by nine students — three females and six males — from Robert Poole Middle School. They punched and kicked her at 2:59 p.m. at the intersection of 33rd Street and Chestnut Avenue, according to Maryland Transit Administration police.
Kreager was dragged off the bus and her boyfriend, Troy Ennis, attempted to get her back on, police said.

And police think it may be racially motivated...But, the victim is white and the attackers are black. So don't expect a media condemnation of this vicious assault.

Kreager suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, police said.
“She had eye muscles that were damaged,” a police report states. “She had deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck.”

I expect Jackson, Sharpton, and the rest of the race monkeys to fly down there and demand an immediate dropping of charges for these little thugs, and to try and deify the punks in a redux of the Jena 6. After all, any time a black is charged with violence, it's because all whites are racist...not that they put a woman in the hospital.


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