Monday, December 24, 2007

The Wrong Way to Celebrate Christmas

Via MM:

The New York Times is ending the year with a sick tribute to an abortion from years past.

The entire piece shows that this lovely couple knows that their actions are wrong. They're lying to everyone (it's only their business), she refuses to drink (might hurt the kid afterall...can't injure the child before an abortion), stay in, etc.

But the sick part comes at the end:

We do the dishes, blow out the candles, put a teaspoon handle down the Champagne bottle’s neck (to keep the carbonation — it seems to work) and put the bottle in the fridge, brush our teeth, climb into bed and have unprotected sex.

“I’m not going to get more pregnant,” Emily says.

I’ve never felt pleasure more guiltily.

There's something wrong with you when you're getting pleasure out of a situation like this.

Michelle Malkin calls this piece ghoulish, but it's worse. The NYT is trying to take a season which is about the joy and beauty of life, of birth, and instead celebrating the disgusting practice of abortion. Instead of celebrating life, they choose to publish a piece about getting pleasure of unprotected sex and killing the unborn so that you aren't inconvenienced.

All I can do to that is...shake my head.

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