Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Question I'm Tired Of Hearing...

Why Not Mitt Romney?

As McCain ran up to his announcement for VP, one of the most absurd demands made on him was that he draft Romney as his vice. Even before the pick was announced, this was a weird rallying cry for conservatives "Romney or bust", but now AFTER the pick, it's utter insanity.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not some huge Palin fan, but Romney? Please.

In order to shore up support with the conservative base that hates him, McCain was going to pick the one man who was to his left on almost every issue? That'd inspire hope in conservatives. And would've ushered in the first ever Democrat 49-1 state sweep ever.

While Romney is charismatic and likable in debates, he's got a record to rival Hillary Clinton in the liberal department. Matched up to Palin, the man looks like a conservative lightweight.

Romney ignored his faith to become the only pro-choice Mormon in history. His support of gay marriage is pretty well documented. He was in favor of McCain's amnesty plan and has never been serious about illegal immigration. His record on taxes is mixed at best, with him STILL refusing to endorce the Bush tax cuts.

And most importantly, while all of his supporters love to credit his private industry a public official, he almost bankrupted his state with the ridiculoud "Romneycare" proposal, that put Hillary care to shame.

Romney wasn't the worst candidate in the bunch, but any honest supporter has to realize that Romney and McCain was a losing ticket to at least 4 years of Obama.

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