Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Worst Attack on Palin So Far

Not Surprisingly from Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC ( -- As news of the pregnancy of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol makes the headlines, she is coming under attack from backers of pro-abortion candidate Barack Obama. But few have gone as far as former Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt, who suggested Palin is making her daughter keep the baby.
"She probably feels powerless right now," Feldt said on Tuesday responding to the news about Bristol Palin.
Feldt said Governor Palin’s pro-life views may have made it so she and her husband Todd prevented Bristol from getting an abortion.
"Because of her family's attitude she probably doesn't feel that she has a choice in terms of what will happen to her,” Feldt said.

Not only is Palin not a woman, she's forcing her child into slavery! /sarcasm

What a twisted worldview. Assuming that the girl looks at her child as a burden and her family is forcing her to have it is a sign of sickness. As the article nicely sums up:

“In Gloria Feldt’s bizarre world, families that cherish children are toxic. If the goal is to reduce the number of abortions, surely the first step is to allow families to love and embrace their children, not reject the weak and inconvenient,” Wright said.

But the goal of Planned Parenthood has never been to reduce abortions. If abortions stop Planned Parenthood goes out of business. These are twisted people who see babies as a curse. As Obama said "I don't want my daughters 'punished' with a baby.

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