Thursday, July 19, 2007

The State of Missouri Gets It Right

Denying a Sick Death Row Inmate Parole

POTOSI, Mo. -- A Missouri death row inmate dying of throat cancer will apparently spend his final days in prison.
The Missouri Probation and Parole Board has denied a request filed by Brian Kinder's doctors that the 47-year-old inmate be released to his family. The board did not explain its decision, which requires that Kinder remain at the Potosi Correctional Center in eastern Missouri.

How about, we don't parole death row inmates?
It's not up to the parole board to explain every denial.
Especially in a case this stupid. Where he's arguing that God carrying out his sentence early means that we have to set him free. It's quite possibly the stupidest argument I've ever heard.

"I don't want to die in prison," Kinder said in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch."

And your cousin didn't want to be raped and beaten to death with a lead pipe 3 days before Christmas you animal. Hence the whole reason you went to jail.
What'd you think was going to happen on death row?

Kinder didn't know how much time he had left. "I don't think I'm going to live much longer," he said.

Good, stop wasting our resources.
I agree with the daughter:

The victim's daughter, Donielle Williams, 27, said she was pleased with the board's decision.

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