Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A simple question...

Proposed by Michael Yon

As the investigation unfolds more pertinent details, I’ll continue to update the story. But the biggest question rippling across the internet–“Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked this up?” –is something only representatives of mainstream media can answer.

This comes to the heart of the debate about the media's reporting on Iraq. And the only reason people like Mr. Yon are unable to answer it is that they are too good natured to say the truth about the media and their refusal to present real war news.

And the answer also disturbs them.

The media doesn't report on things like this because it would reframe the debate on the war. The picture that the media is determined to present is that the President lied us into an unneccessary war, with peaceful people, who only want us to leave. Showing stories like this would show the validity of our cause, and portray our enemies as the soulless monsters that they are.
The media is too invested in getting us to leave, lying to the American public that WE, not the enemy, are the aggressors, and if we just leave, the violence will stop. Stories like this shoot that crap down hard.

The simple truth is that the media doesn't give a damn either about the Iraqis or our soldiers, and the way they report the war keeps giving al Quida reason to fight. The war detractors are responsible in a roundabout way for attrocities like this. And instead of pretending like they haven't heard about the story yet, we need to start calling it like it is.

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